President Obama announced executive action for immigration relief Nov. 20.

The next morning the Dreamers' Project Coalition, of which JFON-NE is a member, held a media conference supporting the action.  Read the JFON media release supporting the president's decision to act now.

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Women's Fund of Omaha Awards

This video was produced by the Women's Fund of Omaha, which honored Justice For Our Neighbors-NE (JFON-NE) with a grant to support legal services for battered immigrant women at its 2014 annual luncheon. In addition to that grant, the Women's Fund also presented an additional 2014 Margre Durham WomanSpirit grant  " . . .as a tribute to the incredible work (of JFON-NE) and vision to end intimate partner violence in our community."... read more.

Heartland Latino Leadership Conference


Friday November 15, 2013, Justice for Our Neighbors-NE was awarded the Government Award by the Heartland Latino Leadership Conference. This award seeks to recognize all individuals, or organizations whose service and leadership achievements, commitment to excellent, and contributions to their communities have positively impacted the community at large.

Omaha Remembers JFK

Community Representatives in Omaha celebrated the life of the country's 35th President Friday November 22, 2013 at Dundee Presbyterian Church. The memorial for President John F. Kennedy took place at noon, exactly 50 years to the minute of his death in 1963.

New JFON Video

2014 Social Action Award

We are honored to have been chosen as one of two organizations recognized by the Midwest Sociological Society’s Social Action Committee for this year’s Social Action Award. This award is given to “exceptional grassroots organizations working to further social justice in the Midwest.”
We will receive the honor and cash award on April 5th at their annual meeting.

Client Success Story

Julio was born in a small village in Guatemala in the 1950s. When he was a young man, the civil war in his country intensified and he was eventually forced to join the Civil Patrols in the fight against the guerrilla. This placed his life in extreme danger, and he eventually was forced to flee Guatemala in the early 1990s. Shortly after his arrival in the U.S., he filed for asylum using a notario. However, like so many other Guatemalans, he missed a crucial dead-line which would have made his path to resi-dency much easier, and thus his prospects were limited.

The U.S. government agency charged with ad-judicating asylum claims was plagued with backlogs in processing these applications and thus he did not receive his asylum interview until 2007, 15 years after he filed. At the time of the interview, the government denied his application, reasoning that during the 15 years that they made him wait for his “day in court,” conditions had improved in Guatemala and the government concluded that he no longer qual-ified for asylum. Consequently, they started the process of seeking his deportation. At this point, Julio came to Justice for Our Neighbors-Nebraska for help. While in removal proceed-ings, he met and married his wife, who was born in the U.S. Additionally, his brother, a U.S. citizen had filed a petition for him in 2000, and this provided him with an exception to the normal rule that would bar his adjust-ment of status because of his manner of entry.

JFON-NE assisted Julio and his wife with a family based petition and requested that his removal proceedings be terminated. This cleared the path for him to obtain his first in-terview with USCIS last month. At that inter-view, we were extremely happy to learn that after twenty years of living in the U.S., working in the U.S., and paying taxes, Julio’s hard jour-ney had finally concluded. He was granted Lawful Permanent Residence status. Julio, his family, knowing that they no longer need to fear being separated.

From the desk of Charles Shane Ellison, Regional Attorney