Mario’s Case Changes the Immigration System
After 23 years of litigating their case in the U.S., Mario and Dominga’s journey has finally concluded. Now in their 70s, this couple can live out their final years in security as lawful permanent residents.
Nyein Escapes a Forced Marriage
Nyein was born in a small village in Burma (Myanmar). Her father abandoned her and her mother as a baby. When she was about four years old, her mother sold Nyein to another family as she could not afford to care for her due to the grinding poverty in their country.
Rosa Gets the Gift of Life
Rosa was born in 1996, in Zacatecas, Mexico. She was five years old when she first had problems with her kidneys. Unable to obtain the treatment she needed, she suffered a seizure when she was seven and had to be rushed to the hospital.
Brothers Leave Fear Behind
James and Todd were born in Zimbabwe in the early 1990s. Their mother passed away when they were very young. In 2000, their father, John, was becoming an influential figure in organizing a peaceful political resistance to the corrupt ruling regime. After a while, the ruling party took notice of John’s political activities and began to target him for reprisal.

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What We Do

  • Legal Services


    In 2014, JFON-NE provided immigration legal services in more than 1,600 cases to persons from 38 countries. Services include individual consultations, monthly legal clinics, assistance with organizing and filing forms and/or representation in immigration court

  • Education


    Part of Justice For Our Neighbors-Nebraska’s (JFON-NE) mission is to preovide education to both the immigrant and American citizens about the realities of immigration laws and the effect they have on our families and our communities.

  • Advocacy


    Justice For Our Neighbors-Nebraska (JFON-NE) advocates for immigrants in our community by providing them free legal representation, conducting educational presentations at churches and other organizations, and through community involvement.


Information for DACA 3-Year Work Permit Holders


Thanks to the American Immigration Lawyers Association for sharing these infographics to inform DACA grantees who received 3-Year work permits erroneously issued or mailed AFTER February 16, 2015. Here are some simple instructions to follow. Click on the images to make them larger.    


Educational Videos

Webcast on President Obama’s executive action on immigration

JFON-NE’s Emiliano Lerda and Virginia Maynes conduct a webcast on President Obama’s executive action on immigration