LB 947 is Now Nebraska Law!

Following is an overview of the progress of LB 947 and how JFON-NE informed our website visitors as the bill progressed in the Nebraska Legislature’s 2016 sessions.

April 20, 2016 — The motion to override the Governor’s veto passed with 31 votes. Do not doubt that your calls and emails make a difference!  We won the support of several senators who were unconfirmed going into the final reading. Here is how our senators voted on the override:

Voting in the affirmative: 31 Baker | Boltz | Campbell | Chambers | Coash | Cook | Crawford | Ebke | Garrett | Gloor | Harr, K. | Hadley | Hansen | Harr, B. | Hilkemann | Howard | Kolowkski | Krist | Lindstrom | McCollister | Mello | Morfeld | Pansing Brooks | Scheer | Schilz | Schumacher | Seiler | Smith | Stinner | Sullivan | Williams

Voting in the negative: 13 Bloomfield | Brasch | Craighead | Davis | Fox | Groene | Kintner | Kuehn | McCoy | Murante | Riepe | Schnoor | Watermeir

Present and abstaining: 5 Friesen | Hughes | Johnson | Kolterman | Larson


JFON-NE Responds to Gov. Ricketts’ LB 947 Veto: “LB 947 is not unjust, nor is it unfair.”

April 15, 2016 — We at Justice For Our Neighbors-Nebraska (JFON-NE) are deeply disappointed in Governor Ricketts’ decision to veto LB 947, a bill which would allow equal opportunity to work-authorized immigrants who have the skills, education, and qualifications to obtain the professional or commercial license needed to practice their profession.

LB 947 is not unjust, nor is it unfair. It would not give DACA youth, nor any other class of immigrants, any advantages over those currently eligible for a commercial or professional license. The Governor is resorting to desperate arguments that misconstrue the facts to make his case. This decision is evidence of an apparent inability to find a well-reasoned, factual, and legally sound argument against LB 947.

Read our position on the Governors’ veto.


Nebraska LB 947 Advances Again!

Apr 7, 2016 — We are very pleased that LB 947 advances today to Final Reading.  This bill would allow equal opportunity to work-authorized immigrants who have the skills, education and qualifications to obtain the professional or commercial license needed to practice their profession.  Nebraska would be able to make full use of the talents of all eligible lawfully-present individuals in the state.  Passing LB 947 is the right thing to do legally, morally, and economically.

We thank Senator Heath Mello, who introduced the bill, for his advocacy–and all of you who have supported this effort so far. Keep up the good work!

There is one more round of voting before the bill can be sent to the Governor. In order for the bill to have enough support to progress to that stage, we need your help. The senators who are uncommitted to this bill listen to their constituents—that’s us! They are influenced by the number of calls and email they get on any bill. A rush of contacts before the session could sway their vote in favor of the strongest public support. Follow the progress of LB 947 on the Nebraska Legislature site.

Contact these senators below to express your support for LB 947, the bill that would allow eligible immigrants to earn professional or commercial licenses for nurses, dental technicians, massage therapists, cosmetology, construction specialty workers and many more skilled professions.

Contact these senators to support LB 947 on final reading:

Sen. Joni Craighead, District 6 (402) 471-2714
Sen. Nicole Fox, District 7 (402) 471-2721
Sen.Curt Friesen, District 34 (402) 471-2630
Sen. Robert Hilkemann, District 4 (402) 471-2621
Sen. Dan Hughes, District 44 (402) 471-2805
Sen. Jerry Johnson, District 23 (402) 471-2719
Sen. Rick Kolterman, District 24 (402) 471-2756
Sen. Brett Lindstrom, District 18 (402) 471-2618
Sen. Jim Scheer, District 19 (402) 471-2929
Sen. Ken Schilz, District 47 (402) 471-2616
Sen. Jim Smith, District 14 (402) 471-2730
Sen. Dan Watermeier, District 1 (402) 471-2733

Here is the list of Senators to thank for their continued support.

Sen. Baker |  Sen. Bolz |  Sen. Campbell |  Sen. Chambers |  Sen. Coash |  Sen. Cook Sen. Crawford  |  Sen. Davis |   Sen. Ebke |  Sen. Garrett |  Sen. Gloor |  Sen. Haar Sen. Hadley |  Sen. Hansen |  Sen. Harr |  Sen. Howard |  Sen. Kolowski Sen. Krist |  Sen. McCollister |  Sen. Mello |  Sen. Morfeld |  Sen. Pansing Brooks Sen. Schumacher |  Sen. Seiler |  Sen. Stinner |  Sen. Sullivan |  Sen. Williams