Worker Rights

Knowing Your Rights and Leveraging Your Power as a Worker

By: Alexis Steele, Immigrant Worker Attorney for Justice For Our Neighbors-Nebraska

Immigrant workers present a unique subset of workers in the United States. On one hand, immigrant workers make notable contributions to the American economy. More than three quarters of our agriculture workers and almost one third of construction workers are foreign-born, with the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics (2016) describing immigrant workers as 16.1% of the American labor force. On the other hand, immigrant workers tend to be more vulnerable to labor abuse because of language barriers, cultural aversion to turning to authorities for help, and unfamiliarity with their rights as workers.

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Ellison Testifies Against LB 505

LB 505: Anti-Refugee/Anti-Asylee Bill Violates Federal Law

March 2, 2017 — Today our Legal Director Charles Shane Ellison testified on behalf of JFON-NE against LB 505. This anti-refugee and anti-asylee bill declares a state of emergency and would require data compilation from refugee resettlement agencies to be publically published.
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