Light the Way

Light the Way for Refugees and Immigrants

Light The Way for Refugees and Immigrants

Join our friends at Light The Way on Presidents Day, February 20, 2017, to stand in solidarity with refugees and immigrants. Participants will silently line both sides of Dodge St. at dusk (5:30- 6:30 p.m.) with candles, lights and welcome signs to show that #NebraskaWelcomes refugees and immigrants.

Light The Way is a peaceful nonpartisan event, open to the public, to show refugees and immigrants that they are welcome in our communities.

The uplifted torch held by the Statue of Liberty represents hope, refuge and hospitality to those fleeing persecution and war. It is essential that we stand firm and fight for the rights of refugees and our shared American values. America is better because of the hardworking and contributing refugees we resettle here. They are customers in our stores and businesses, small business owners who pay payroll taxes, and our neighbors who give to local churches and charities.

Light The Way is a collaboration of many individuals and groups in Omaha, not formally sponsored by any group. As Nebraska’s largest refugee resettlement and service agency, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska is hosting an event page to connect supporters of refugees and immigrants. Go to event page for more details about the event.

If you are unable to join the main event, please turn on a porch light and/or your headlights in solidarity.

Executive Order is Against American Values

Executive Order on Immigration

Today’s Executive Orders are Against America’s Founding Values

Omaha, January 25, 2017 – With the issuance of President Trump’s executive orders today, and reports of additional orders to come, the new administration is doubling down on its anti-immigrant promises from the campaign.  Read more…

JFON-NE Inauguration Message

We Stand With Our Immigrant Neighbors!

With this inauguration we begin a new chapter in the history of our nation. We must never forget the pivotal role that immigrants have played in making this country the land of opportunity.

Let us honor the sacrifices and contributions made by each generation of immigrants, many of whom were welcomed by the sight of the Statue of Liberty and the words written on its base: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Low-income immigrants with professional legal representation are three times more likely to prevail in their cases in court than if they appear alone. Our organization remains committed to our mission to welcome immigrants to our community by providing immigration legal services, education and advocacy.

We at JFON-NE pledge to stand strong and remain steadfast in fighting for justice to keep immigrant families together.

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