Mother's Day

Keep Families Together This Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day, JFON-NE celebrates the brave immigrant mothers who leave their homes to create a stable life for their children.

Mothers’ Day 2016 is coming up quickly. This is the time of the year to show gratitude toward your mother for her strength, courage, and love. JFON-NE especially wants to celebrate the brave immigrant mothers who leave their homes to create a stable life for their children, like our JFON-NE client Kayla. Our legal services ensure that immigrant families can remain together. Please take a moment to schedule your donation on the Omaha Gives website to commemorate your own mother and the life she gave to you.

Kayla’s Hope is to be Reunited With Her Son

Kayla was elated when she learned that her aunt, a U.S. citizen, had filed a petition for her mom and her to immigrate to the United States.  The prospect of leaving the small island of Grenada or a new life in New York City provided her new hope for the future.

However, before she left, Kayla became pregnant and gave birth to a boy in Grenada.  Baby Maurice was not allowed to be included in the aunt’s petition, and Kayla made the heart-wrenching decision to come to the U.S. and leave Maurice with his loving father.

Life in America was more difficult than Kayla imagined.  Earning barely enough money to support herself put the costs of sponsoring a family visa out of reach.  Tragically, Kayla’s husband suddenly died this past December, leaving Maurice, who is now 11, without someone to care for him in Grenada.  Fearing for her son’s safety and well-being, Kayla turned to JFON for help.  With the support of JFON’s attorney, Kayla has petitioned for Maurice but, as a green card holder, Kayla’s petition is subject to a two-year backlog.  So JFON is applying for humanitarian parole–a rarely-granted benefit–that will reunite Maurice and his mom immediately.

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